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Pupil Premium

The Government gives an additional amount of money to schools according to certain “deprivation” criteria. This money is intended to support these children in activities that will enhance their learning.

Within our Federation, we use this money in a variety of ways depending on the individual needs of each child. For example: one to one tuition after school, Reading Recovery intervention, childcare costs whilst the parent(s) attend adult learning classes, after school sports or club fees, counselling and/or self-esteem sessions, new uniform/shoes/trainers etc, equipment to undertake school activities, the cost of trips and out of school activities. In addition to this, we also have used the fund to employ additional staff to support learning in class. Another significant expenditure part funded by Pupil Premium is the Family Liaison Officer.

The funding is annually calculated. At Northbourne we received £27,480 for 2014/15 and £26,883 for 2015/16. The decrease in funding from the previous year is due to a decrease in the number of families eligible to claim free school meals and may, in part, also be due to the confusion linked to the Universal School Meals for infant children.

Since the employment of a FLO, we have seen an improvement in attendance levels where, as a whole school, it has risen to 96.3% with Pupil Premium group at 96% (Governors Report Jul. 2016). Good attendance is vital in ensuring the well-being of some pupils, but it is vital for good or better academic progress for all pupils. For some of the pupils who have been in this “absence” category, illness has been a major factor in their non-attendance. We are working closely with specific families to help reduce the identified gaps in learning.

The FLO can work with any child and their family from our Federation. His caseload varies according to the needs of our families. Some of our families require more intensive support than others and some require help from agencies outside of the school. We recognise that a crisis can affect anyone at any time and we always try to assist in any way that we can. Pupil Premium funding has enabled us to offer this higher level of support.

At Northbourne, academic year 2015/16, three year six children attracted Pupil Premium money. Of these children:

In Reading - 100% achieved expected level or greater (scaled scores between 100 and 111)

In Writing - 66% achieved expected level

In Spelling and Grammar - 66% achieved expected level (scaled scores between 96 and 108)

In Maths - 33% achieved expected level (scaled scores between 97 and 105)

All children made expected or better progress in all subjects. (KS1 levels to KS2 Scaled Scores)

The progress of all children is monitored by the Senior Leadership Team and Governors. At these meetings, with the year group teaching team, the progress of every child is recorded and discussed. Further intervention strategies are considered and the effectiveness of the use of Pupil Premium money is evaluated.

Pupil Premium Performance Data - 2015 / 2016
  Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Reading 100 100 100 100 40
Writing 100 75 50 100 0
Maths 100 100 100 100 20
% at or above expected level

Due to the significantly small numbers of Pupil Premium children, throughout the school, we respect their privacy by not publishing additional data. However, we continue to rigorously track and monitor progress and attainment.

During the next year we anticipate additional support will be needed to ensure that pupil premium children can access trips and clubs. We also seek ways in which we can enhance their out of school provision; particularly where pupils may demonstrate talents or abilities in areas that are difficult to support within the mainstream primary school setting.

We are all accountable for the progress of every child and our Governors are well aware of their responsibilities. Ofsted inspections now take into account how Pupil Premium money is spent and the impact of that expenditure on the academic outcomes of each eligible child. Unfortunately the positive impact of our interventions on their well-being is not so easily measured.


Financial Year Starting April 2016

Better Reading Partnership (BRP) £ 1,017.90
Reading assessments £ 596.82
Books and resources (RR/BRP) £ 1,460
SLT boost £ 540
SENco Assessments £ 624.39
Specialist 1:1 Support £ 2,209.38
Maths / English booster £ 1000
Sensory Circuits £ N/A
FLO / SLT 1:1 £ 1438
FLO – family £ 675.48
Counselling £ 400.00
Social Skills £ N/A
Breakfast Club £ N/A
School Dinner £ N/A
Clubs / Swimming £ 110
Trips £ N/A
Uniform £ N/A
Milk £ N/A
£10,071.97 (Excluding total contribution to FLO Salary)

Financial Year Starting April 2015

Better Reading Partnership (BRP) £ 3,956.58
Reading assessments £ 1,790.46
Books and resources (RR/BRP) £ 3,420
SLT boost Middle School £ 1,047.30
SENco Assessments £ 1,873.17
Specialist 1:1 Support £ 6,628.14
Maths booster Upper School £ 1,544.76
Sensory Circuits £ N/A
FLO 1:1 £ 2,157.21
FLO – family £ 2,026.44
Counselling £ 300
Social Skills £ 450
Breakfast Club £ N/A
School Dinner £ N/A
Clubs £ 465
Trips £ 1,350
Uniform £ N/A
Milk £ N/A
£26,649.06 (Excluding total contribution to FLO Salary)

The Federation of The Downs and Northbourne is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and we expect all Governors, staff, volunteers, parents and carers to share this commitment.