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Hazel Class - Rotation Day - Monday 9 November 2015

Rotation Day Monday 9 November 2015

Hazel Class (4-5)

In our music session we did lots of music doodling!  We talked about what we can listen for in music - like dynamics, tempo and pitch and how music can make us feel different emotions. The children then listened to Jupiter, from The Planets by Gustav Holst - but they did not know the name of the piece of music or when it was written until after they had finished. While they were listening, they doodled. Some had their eyes closed and just let their pen go over the paper as they listened. Some sat quietly and doodled big swirls, small swirls, stars - whatever they thought of while they were listening. Some drew some specific things which they thought of while they were listening. Everyone joined in and did some amazing doodles!

Here are some pictures of the children working and some of their comments while they were doodling and talking about what they had drawn. 

"I don't know why I drew this; my hand just went that way with the pen while I was listening."

"I just closed my eyes and let me imagination run wild!"

"I closed my eyes and let me pen make magic."

"I drew a lion because at one point the music sounded like it was roaring."

"I drew the world because while I was listening I felt like I could hear all the colours of the world joining together."

"This is an asteroid, because in the music there was an asteroid landing on the earth."

"I drew a trumpet because I could hear it really clearly and then all the colours are the sounds coming out of it making the whole piece of music."

"I doodled while thinking about Van Gough; I ended up doodling using his style."

"I drew the world because the music made me think about the whole earth."

"I drew round my hand because I could hear the music going up and down and it reminded me of going up and down my fingers."

"I drew this zig zag line as I was listening, when it got louder, it went up and when it got quieter it went down. I added more colours and made it look 3D - and now it looks like a heart machine or like it is measuring an earthqu

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