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Sports Premium

We receive some additional funding to support the teaching of sport but also to increase access to sporting activities. This was as a result of the Olympic Games 2012 and the desire for a sustainable legacy.

Within our federation, we firstly evaluated our own skills and knowledge of each sport and thought about the additional equipment we needed to teach these games/skills to a higher standard. For the sports that were identified by staff are requiring more support, we have employed a number of coaches over the last couple of years. 

The coaches have been working alongside class teachers to enable both the children and the staff to acquire new skills and knowledge. They have also provided one-off taster days in various sports, which are designed to interest children and encourage them to pursue other sports outside of school. The sports covered thus far are: tag rugby, netball, multi skills, tchoukball, hockey, cricket, nu-age curling, dodge ball, dance, tennis and gymnastics.

Our plan is that during the academic year of 2014/15, the teachers will engage in a series of in-service training, where they will swap skills and expertise in the various sports that they have experienced in the 2013/14 academic year. We will continue to buy in some specific oneoff sports days, to ensure that our children experience a wide range of sports, both in competitive and non-competitive situations. Within the Deal area we are also providing a greater number of inter-school competitions and sporting tournaments. This will include: football (at Warden House), athletics (at The Downs), a swimming gala (at Hornbeam), rounders (at The Downs), netball (venue tba), cricket (venue tba). A Ri Foreign Language Achievement Is Recognised FL It is likely that additional funding will be released to schools for a period of time to support this valuable aspect of every child’s education.

Our aim is to ensure that our equipment is of good quality and that our staff are confident and knowledgeable to teach a wide range of sports, so that every child is inspired to get fit and stay healthy throughout their lives. From October 2013 (the point at which we were first funded) until March 2014 we spent £1710 on PACE training.

In the financial year 2014 to 2015, we have spent £4648 on new equipment and improvements to the grounds facilities and a further £2190 on PACE training. We anticipate spending approximately £1200 per term on external providers until the end of this financial year. In addition to this we require further groundswork to ensure our playing fields have a safe surface, which should be undertaken during this Autumn. Final costs for this work are currently being sought.

The impact of this additional funding can be seen in the wider range of sports that have been available to all children. Also the increase in the number of children who attend sports clubs after school is another indicator of the early success of this additional finance. In term 1 (2014/2015) 52% of our children attend a sports club.

The Federation of The Downs and Northbourne is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and we expect all Governors, staff, volunteers, parents and carers to share this commitment.